About Us

Credibility, Conviction, Confidence.

River Wild Consultants was established in 2018. As a seasoned Business Developer, Founder and CEO, René Moodley, realized a gap in the market for Sales and Training services, that provided Businesses with a leading edge.

A Sales Professional and Biochemist by training, René is also a former TV presenter, Model and avid Dancer.  With over 2 decades of experience, René is a passionate Business Developer, Strategist and accomplished Public Speaker. RW Consultants offers business development, sales, professional event hosting, training, public speaking workshops and many other services to businesses and Individuals wanting to operate at their highest level and bring their “A” game every time. René has spoken at conferences, hosted events, conducted CPD lectures and numerous training workshops on various topics.

RW Consultants can transform an ordinary talk or training into a creatively exciting and interactive session designed to get your sales team fired up or your B2B clients to start selling your products like never before! With experience in Market Research we can also assist you gather relevant market data and create a strategy for penetrating and dominating a market whether locally, in SSA or abroad.

Company Vision:

Helping Individuals and Businesses reach their full potential, by maximizing growth and profitability, with unique strategies to create a spotlight for every product, service and personality.

Company Mission:

To provide service excellence and quality customizable growth solutions to Individuals and Businesses with a passion for success, whilst upholding our core values of Credibility, Conviction and Confidence.


We have worked with and learned from some of the world’s most successful companies.